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New Year’s Resolutions Printable

With the New Year approaching, I wanted to create a printable New Year Resolutions form. I started using it this week and it’s helping me visually see my goals for 2021. I hope you guys enjoy them as much as I am. Let me know in the comments below what you think!

How to Print:

  1. You can drag image to desktop
  2. Save image to desktop
  3. Use the link I listed below and it will automatically open up a new tab to print from.

P.s if you’re having any problems, please email me at

If you love it, share it! Happy Writing.

My Goals for 2021

Can you believe it! We are going into a brand new year in just a few weeks. It’s been a year filled with so much uncertainty, but I’m ready to put this year past me and look forward to something new and exciting. How about you?

With the new year approaching, I’ve put a lot of thought as to what I’d like to tackle in the new year. I wanted to share a few goals that I have set in place for myself.

What to expect from me in 2021 in the creative space:

I’ve learned a lot about myself this year. What I like. What I don’t like. What I’m good at! What makes me happy. What inspires me. What motivates me. It took a lot of time to figure it out but, I’m happy to announce that I’m rebranding myself as a lifestyle blogger. I want to center my focus on things that I love such as:

mental health, beauty, my everyday life, travel, married life, etc.

So why the change? I’ve always enjoyed sharing glimpses of my life with my online fam. However, when the pandemic hit, I felt like I lost myself. I didn’t know what to share. I had to pivot since a lot of my goals had to be placed on hold. I had to find a new niche and so I became the “social media” gal that everyone turnt to for tips and tricks. Although, I truly enjoy doing that, I felt like it was taking away from other passions I wanted to share.

A part of me felt like if I committed to becoming the social media expert, that I’d have to center my whole brand around that. Unfortunately that’s not all I want to do. And just because it won’t be my main focus moving forward, I will occasionally share my thoughts, and opinions on stuff. This isn’t the end but I wanted to be honest and upfront about my new direction. Trust me, I have something in store for you so keep reading……

With all that being said, I’m excited to share the new layout for my social media platforms.

  • Blog post every week

Goal : I’d like to expand my connections with bigger brands. I’m aiming to collaborate with brands that I truly enjoy and love. My dream collabs would be: Honest Beauty, Rare Beauty, Jeep, TikTok, to name a few.

NOW, for the juicy part! Are you ready? Are you sure? Okay, I’ll tell you guys. I’m working on creating my own Podcast. Yes, you heard that right! A podcast. It’s been something I’ve been itching to do and think that I can use that as an extension of the things I love and enjoy sharing. Anything from motivation, interviews, and blogging tips! Yup, I told you I wouldn’t stop sharing completely! I can already envision it and I’m thrilled to put it into motion. Although, this isn’t launching in 2021, I’m really excited to put it into motion this year. I’m thinking of launching mid spring 2022. Stay tuned for that.

Now that I’ve shared my goals my for platforms, I wanted to share some of my personal goals for 2021:

  • I say this every year but I truly want to read more. I’m aiming for five books in 2021. I feel like this is totally doable and achievable. Hold me accountable guys – lol.
  • Fitness has always been a struggle for me. Quarantine has taught me a lot about the importance of staying health. My husband recently got me a the Schwinn IC2 and I’m already working out daily! My goal is to continue my journey and reach a happy place in my fitness journey.
  • I want to take a leap in 2021 and travel a little more. I held back a lot because of the pandemic but I’m ready to see the world again – well at least some other states! Perhaps more road trips to nearby cities and a visit the Grand Canyon. Eek!

There you have it, my goals for 2021. I’m excited to embark these new goals and keep working hard towards what I want to accomplish for my brand. God knows how hard it’s been for me this year with my anxiety, and lack of growth on my platforms but I’m staying optimistic. 2021, here I come.

I’d like to know, what are your goals for 2021?


The Dos and Don’ts of Instagram

Big hello to my wonderful tribe! I missed you 😉 If you’re new to my page welcome to my little corner of the internet.

Today’s post is all about the gram and the mistakes you need to avoid and the things we SHOULD be doing to grow. This has been a topic that I’ve been itching to talk about because I think we don’t share it enough. Look, I’ve been a newbie in the blogging world before. I started my page back in 2012 and had no clue what to do and how to even get started. It’s been a journey and something I’d like to personal (from experience) share with you all. If I can give any advice to any bloggers (new or veteran) it would be this: Learn the Do’s and Don’t of Instagram. Let’ dive in.

#1 Don’t misuse hashtags:

I get that we all use tags to get our content out there but there is a smart way to do this. When I started blogging I was using tags such as: #followforfollow, #likeforlike, #followforlike, etc., you get the picture! Had I known that it would attract fake, ghost and inactive accounts, I would have NEVER used them. I was new at the game, all I wanted was for people to follow my page. And although I was “gaining followers” I was really setting myself up to fail. I didn’t know it would have a serious consequences years down the road. Here’s why!

Sure I had thousands of followers, however, these people NEVER engaged with my content! Due to that, my engagement rate suffered the most because of it. What did that mean for me in the long run? It meant that brands wouldn’t want to work with me because of my low engagement rate. It meant that although I had 4k followers my content was only receiving 180-230 likes. That doesn’t seem like a very committed following, right?

Fast forward to today, I can honestly say that it’s taught me a valuable lesson.

#2 Don’t do Loop Giveaways.

P.S I’m currently working on another post that dives in the importance of having a good engagement rate! Stay tuned for that.

I know many bloggers are into loop giveaways because it gives you fast growth in such a short amount of time. I recently did one about two months and although I gained 200 followers, NOT ONE has engaged with my content during that time. After sometime you get to know who likes and comments on your stuff – so I definitely notice when new people engaged with my content!

Loop giveaways seem like a good idea at first, however, the truth of the matter is you’re not gaining a loyal following. These people are basically forced to follow you in order to win something. Yes, win something. That is their goal. In it perfect world, yes it would be nice if they became loyal followers but majority of the time, they need up unfollowing. I know, sorry to break it to you but that’s the honest truth. Tray away from these type of giveaways because it will only continue to hurt your engagement rate.


Have you seen that one TikTok video that says, “How will they know?” “They’re gonna know!” Well, people WILL know if you buy fake followers. Again, it all leads back to engagement rate. If you have 100K followers but only receive 200 likes, something is terribly wrong. Brands will know and potential followers WILL notice. This one is pretty simply, grow your audience the organic way or boost your content if you want to grow! Don’t go the easy route. Want genuine followers? Do it the right way.

#4 Don’t do the follow and unfollow method!

Ah yes, the follow and unfollow method! I’ll openly admit that I’ve done that in the past. Not proud actually because I hate it when it’s done to me. I avoid this at all cost now. If you truly want to follow someone don’t expect a follow back. It may or may not happen. In the past it was said that this is the way to grow your account but in reality I would say it’s the same as all the above! Believe me, don’t be that girl. The blogging community is small and people talk. Get the follow and unfollow method out of your social media strategy.

If you truly want to follow someone and love their content, follow them. Don’t always expect a follow back!

Now that we got the don’ts out of the way, let’s talk about the do’s!

#1 Do use “relevant” hashtags

We covered hashtags that you shouldn’t use but now, let’s discuss which ones you should use. When posting on Instagram make sure to utilize all 30 hashtags. That’s the most IG allows you to put in your caption.

Make sure that you’re tags are relevant to your niche, for example: If you post and outfit picture use tags like: #casualfashion #ootdfashion #{city that you’re from} #everydayfashionwear, etc., don’t randomly put food related tags UNLESS there’s food involved. Get the picture?

Pro Tip* You also want to make sure that you aren’t using oversaturated tags! I would use anything under 300k or below.

#2 Do host a Giveaway for YOUR followers

There’s nothing better than giving back to the community! Although, I don’t suggest loop giveaways, I highly recommend hosting a giveaway for your followers. It gives you the opportunity to show your appreciation and strengthen your relationship with your IG fam.

#3 Do stay consistent

We’ve all heard it, consistency is key! I’ve read stories of entrepreneurs that say that staying consistent was the recipe to success. Without it, they wouldn’t be where they are now! I believe it, don’t you? To put it into perspective, think of your favorite influencer, actor, etc., don’t you think that their consistency played a huge part in their success? 100%. There comes a time when you have to be honest with yourself and say, “do I really want this.” If the answer is yes, then you have to go all in! No excuses, just do it – like Nike 😉

How do you stay consistent?

  • Plan out your content each week or month!
  • Make sure you’re posting 3 to 5 times a week.
  • Constantly use stories to connect with your audience
  • Think of your big WHY? Why are you doing this? It will keep you on track.

#4 Do make friends in this space

One of the best pieces of advice I can personally give you is, that making friends in this space is much needed. I honestly don’t know how I was doing it when I had no one to talk to about this. It was definitely a struggle.

I made it a goal last year that I wanted to connect with new girls/creators in this platform. Why? Because I needed people that I can relate to. People that knew exactly what I was going through. So, I made it a goal. One year later, I can honestly call these girls my friends. It’s been amazing being able to support one another and see my friends kill it in this space.

It can be intimidating at first. I would highly recommend reaching out via dm and go from there. With COVID, I know attending events have become so hard to do but there are plenty of ways to connect with other creators so don’t let the rona get in the way!

Well, there you have it, the DOs and DON’Ts of Instagram. If you have any requests for me, make sure to leave your comments down below.

Tips To Landing Collaborations

Hi Ladies,

This has been a highly requested blog post, and I’m really excited to share my tips with you guys! Now, I just wanted to start out by saying that I’m not an expert BUT throughout the years, I have learned a few things along the way.

A year ago, I purchased the Pitch It Perfect Program because I wanted to get better at pitching myself to brands. It’s been extremely useful and it’s given me a foundation on how to represent myself. I made the investment because I was tired of not having success when it came to landing collaborations.

I use to get hurt and bothered when brands would say NO to me but I’ve learned that it’s okay and here’s why! You need to be consistent, persistent and have offer brands your unique take on things. No’s have allowed me to ask myself: What can I do better? How can I improve my pitch!? There’s nothing wrong with going back to the drawing board and learning from each conversation….because they will all be different!

Let’s get to the juicy part now:

Tip #1. Create a media kit!!! If you don’t know what a media kit is it’s basically a resume of all your information, stats, audience and past collaborations. This gives the brand an overview of who YOU are. I went years without having one, but I found that many companies now are asking for them especially if they are truly considering you as a potential partner. You can always Google examples of media kits and create one on Word.

Tip #2: After your media kit is ready, it’s time to brainstorm! Ask yourself: Who do I want to reach out to? Make sure that the company aligns with your brand, your vision and what you’re trying to promote on your platform.

For example, if you’re a Fashion Blogger reach out to companies that are in the fashion industry. Stick to your niche and work with brands that are similar to yours. Hope that makes sense!

Tip #3. Once you have the above figured out, start working on your PITCH! Every pitch will be different depending on what you want to say. You can always use a generic one for all brands but I like to switch it up occasionally. Make sure that your pitch stands out and that your offering the brand YOUR unique take on things. Here’s an example of what you can say:

Hello < Hotel Name> <Brand Name>

My name is Dawn and I’m a lifestyle/travel blogger from Los Angeles. I’m traveling to Santa Barbara in April and was looking to see if < Hotel Name > would be willing to collaborate with me. I have tons of great ideas that I’d like to share with you guys and believe that we’d be a great fit. Who can I talk to about a potential collaboration?

You can word it however you’d like but this is just an example of what you can say! I’ve also attached an actual conversation for your reference:

Tip #4. Once you feel happy and confident with your pitch, start reaching out. It can be a little intimidating at first but it gets much easier along the way…I promise! Now, the secret to landing collaborations is………being consistent, persistent and different. Don’t wait around for brands to reach out to you, if you want it, go get it! Which leads to the following tip.

Tip #5. We’ve all heard the saying, ” Don’t put all your eggs in one basket!” Don’t just reach out to ONE brand/hotel etc., send your pitch to lots of other brands because you’ll increase your chances to be seen and heard! Kid you not, I reached out to 15+ hotels until ONE said yes! I promise you, someone out there will see your value and will want to work with you.

NOTE: Know your worth, what you can offer and what you deserve. Lots of brands will want to take advantage, not pay you (enough), etc., it’s up to you to decide what you want out of the partnership/collaboration. Learn to negotiate and have the brand meet you halfway!

Tip #6. So what happens after you landed your FIRST collaboration and complete the work? The next step will be to nurture that relationship and keep the conversation going. It’s important to stay in touch and reach back out even after the collaboration is over. This is how ongoing partnerships are created.

If you want to learn more on how I do that, leave me a comment and I’d be happy to create a post specifically for that.

BONUS TIP. How to handle a NO: Don’t get discouraged when a brand says no! Always respond back and thank them for their answer….see example down below. There’s been a couple of times when a brand said no to me at first, but later reached back out when something became available. Remember this, no’s don’t always mean, ” We don’t want to work with you EVER.” It can just mean that in that particular moment, they didn’t have anything available or maybe collaborations for that month were filled, etc.

Hi, < Brand Name >

Thank you for the quick response. I appreciate you getting back to me and letting me know your decision. If the brand ever changes their mind, I’d love to be considered for any future collaborations. Is it okay if I touch base with you later on down the road? Thank you and have a wonderful day.

There you have it loves! Hope this was helpful and gives you the encourage to out there and kick some butt! Don’t be shy because the sky’s the limit. Can’t wait to hear about your success stories.




Coffee Attic

Happy Wednesday Babes!

Today on the blog, I wanted to share a cool new spot for all you coffee lovers. Coffee Attic was kind enough to have me and Matt at their coffee shop located at 7353 Melrose Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90046. Finding parking was easy breezy since they have a parking lot for their customers – can we get an AMEN!! If you live in L.A you know how hard it is to come-by a good parking spot!

Their customer service was incredible and loved how friendly and interactive their staff is. They are extremely knowledgeable and give the BEST recommendations. They did not disappoint. There was plenty of sitting space for us to hang out and wait for our food. Something that stood out to me was their workstation. It has a clear glass, which makes it fun for people to stand around and watch their drinks being made. Who knew that making coffee would be considered an art – so entertaining.

The food and drinks were just AMAZEBALLS. We were lucky enough to try a lot of the items on the menu. They kept their food menu simple, which for me was great because I’m such an indecisive person – thank you for keeping it simple and easy!

With all that being said, let me show you what we GOT !!!!

Matt got the Avocado Toast which had an amazing lemon and truffle oil taste to it! It was the perfect morning meal to get the day started.

* Toast – Avocado – Truffle Oil – Poached Egg – Salt & Pepper – Chili Flakes – Pomegranate Seeds – Radish – Market Greens

* The Dirty Chai Specialty Drink was extremely delicious and Matt’s favorite.

* I was totally obsessed with Italian Rosemary molecular Specialty Drink. They topped it off with a yummy pink whipped cream – can anyone else!!

* You can NEVER go wrong with a Matcha Latte. Perfect way to start the morning.
The Smoked Salmon was sooo yummy! It was by far one of my favorite things on the menu. If you’re a herbs and salmon person, I highly recommend getting this.

* Toasts – Cream Cheese – Smoked Salmon – Cucumber Noodles – Radish – Capers – Dill – Market Greens.

Big shout out to Coffee Attic for this wonderful experience! If you’re looking for a great coffee shop, put this place on your list! Want to check out their full drink and food menu? Visit the link down below for more information. Cheers.



Let The Wedding Planning Begin.

Happy Wednesday,

It’s been a while since I’ve written something on here! I always forget how much I really enjoy coming on this platform to connect with you guys at a much deeper level. Anyone else feel that way about blogs?

As you may know, Matt and I just started planning our wedding. I personally feel like we’re behind on this whole process but I’m glad we’ve taken the time to really sit and think about what we wanted.

For starters, Matt and I found our dream venue last Friday! It’s not your traditional venue but we are so happy with it because it has everything we need. It’s a beautiful home located in Thousand Oaks in a very secluded area which is ideal for a wedding. The backyard is spacious and has plenty of room for tables, chairs, a dance floor, DJ, and not to mention space for a bartender and a catering company.

Why did you pick a house instead of a banquet hall?

When we were shopping around for a venue we didn’t want to feel restricted. We wanted the freedom to book our own catering company, supply our own drinks and party until 2 a.m. Not many locations will allow parties to do any of the above without having to pay more money. Matt and I plan to stay within a specific budget so when we come across this place it was meant to be! It’s true what they say, ” When you know, you know!” My advice to any future bride is: do your research, look at different options and figure out your budget. This will make it much easier when booking a place.

Now, we’re still in the beginning stages of planning but we at least have the venue which is the MOST important thing in my books. We also have a date for the wedding (2020), ENGAGEMENT PHOTOS (which I’ll be sharing down below) my dream cake, first dance picked out and a honeymoon destination – AHHH! I’ll definitely be sharing more once things start falling into place.

So, without further ado, here’s our engagement photos!! You won’t believe this but this was our first photo session together – I thought we did pretty good 😉 Matt and I took pictures at the Pasadena Courthouse which ended up being the perfect location for a mini photoshoot. I’m really happy with my photos and couldn’t have picked a better photographer to bring my vision to life. Hope you guys enjoy them, too.

p.s if you have any questions please leave your comments down below!

Let the wedding planning BEGIN!!!!

Location: Pasadena courthouse | Photos: Pablo

Florence | Travel Diary

Hello and welcome back to another travel diary! Today, I’m going to break down the beautiful city of Florence. This city happens to be my favorite and holds a very special place in my heart!

So where did we leave off? That’s right, Rome! After visiting Vatican City we hoped on our coach for a 2 1/2 hour ride to Florence! After we arrived at our hotel, we had time to settle in for a couple of hours.

Day 3: Florence

Our first night in Florence was one to remember! We went into the city for some dinner and a some karaoke! Our Contiki group was having a blast, singing and dancing the night away. By the time the clock struck midnight, Matt suggested we head back to our hotel! He said he wanted to get up early to watch the sunrise. I was a little sad to leave our fun karaoke night BUT I had an even bigger surprise coming my way.

Day 4: Florence (A Day to Remember)

Matt and I had an early wake-up call! We got up around 5:30 am, got dressed and headed out to the Piazzale Michelangelo. The location was walking distance which was nice because we got to enjoy the city before the hustle and bustle. Once we got to the top of the Piazzale, we couldn’t believe our eyes, the view was absolutely gorgeous! The early wake-up call was worth it!!

As we admired the beauty of Florence, the sun began to peek through the horizon. Matt pulled my body closer to him when he popped open a box with a beautiful diamond ring and said, ” Dawn, will you marry me?” AHHHHHH!!!!!! Still can’t get over it. His speech was like something out of a movie and perfect in every way! It was a fairytale proposal 💕.

I was overwhelmed with so many emotions and happy that we entered a new chapter in our lives. After celebrating and drying the tears of our eyes, we headed back to the hotel! The walk back was so surreal and we couldn’t wait to share the good news with everyone.

As the morning progressed, Matt and I decided to explore the city as a newly engaged couple – yuppie! We spend our time wandering the city and taking in the beauty of Florence. As the evening approached, we headed back to the hotel to get dressed for dinner in Tuscany. We celebrated with our Contiki group and had an amazing time with lots of wine and food.

Day 5:

By the next day, Matt and I were so excited about visiting San Gimignano and getting some shots as a newly engaged couple. Our Tour Manager gave us an hour to explore the town. San Gimignano was built during the medieval times and every corner had something beautiful about it.

After falling in love with this gorgeous town, our group headed to WINE TASTING TOUR in the hills of Tuscany.

Once we arrived at the winery, we were greeted by a local wine expert. She took us around the premises and taught us about Italian wine. It was interesting to learn about the process of winemaking from a true Italian local.

Once the wine tasting was over, we headed back to our hotel. Matt and I decided to head into town for a nice romantic dinner. It was the perfect way to end our last night in Florence!

Day 6:

As we boarded our coach, we said goodbye to such a beautiful city. Our Tour Manager pumped us up for our mini day trip to Pisa and Verona. We took pictures by the Leaning Tower of Pisa and roamed the streets of Verona. We also saw Juliette’s balcony which was a pretty cool moment! It was the perfect way to start our next adventure to Venice!

Five Things To Do This Valentine’s Day!

Hello Fam! I have to take a moment and say, “OMG, it’s been forever”! It’s honestly been way too long since I’ve last posted. Can’t wait to dive right in and continue this blogging journey again with a cute blog post that I put together for you all. 

With Valentine’s Day around the corner, I wanted to list 5 things you and your significant other can do this Thursday! Let’s do this:

  • Ice Skating: Don’t you remember the days when you were a kid and enjoyed ice-skating with friends or that special someone? This is probably the cutest thing you can do this Thursday! Get into your cozy clothes and head over to your nearby ice-skating rink. Let loose and enjoy being a kid for a day!

  • Scavenger Hunt: By far the most thoughtful idea yet. Quick story: Matt did this for me like four years ago. He left little notes all over the house and places where he and I would hang out. I still have all the notes and the photo album he gave me that Valentine’s Day. There are plenty of ideas you can get online or on Pinterest! Check out the link for more ideas:

  • Dinner and Movie Night @ Home: Let’s face it, going out on Valentine’s Day is a NIGHTMARE! Instead, enjoy a nice homemade dinner while watching a romantic comedy to set the tone. Oh, and you can’t forget the candles and wine 😉

Movie ideas:

13 GOING ON 30






  • Cooking Class: People bond over food, am I right?! I know Groupon, LivingSocial and other local places offer couples/ group cooking classes. Why not bond over delicious food and share this experience with that special someone!
  • Breakfast In Bed: With technology at our fingertips, it’s easy to swipe through UberEats to find the perfect Valentine’s Day breakfast — if you’re into that kinda stuff. If you’re more of the “make it home” type of person than Pinterest and the FoodNetwork have great breakfast ideas. Whip something up in the kitchen and bring it to bed….now, doesn’t that sound amazing. Here are some recipe ideas:

There you have it! Five things you can do this Valentine’s Day. Easy to plan and it doesn’t require a lot of money. Often times, thoughtful surprises, are the BEST gifts ❤

Why I Started The Three Day Water Cleanse | The Back Story Part 1

Hey, Stranger

A lot has happened since corona virus hit and my body and mental state suffered the most. I’m assuming I’m not alone in this, right?

I had hit many road blocks in my fitness and health journey during quarantine, especially when my bowel movements were thrown off. It came as no surprise, I mean after all, I was putting my body in a lot of stress during the first three months. I got really concerned when I went almost a full week with little to no bowel movement. I consulted with my physician and she mentioned that I might have developed IBS – great!

I was really going through a rough time coping with my anxiety and decided to film my journey with it to someday look back and see my progress.

For those that don’t know, IBS is sometimes linked to stress and anxiety…. which I’ve been dealing with since November of last year. That same day after consulting with my doctor, I wanted a second option so I called my homeopathic doctor. I addressed all my concerns and told her what my primary doctor had said. She definitely didn’t think it was IBS related and said it was mostly due to stress. She gave me supplements to help get my body back to normal, and boy did it work!!! Thank you Doctor, Kidd.

It took me a good three months to realize that I needed to get my life back in order. I started to workout again, TRIED to eat better ( check out my Pinterest for inspo ) but that was still a work in progress. I kept pushing myself but wasn’t seeing much results even though I was working out everyday! By now, we all know that working out is just a small portion of the equation! I knew that I had to change not only how often I was working out but what I was putting in my body. Slowly but surely, my diet became an important factor in my recovery.

During my healing process, I had to rewire my brain to start thinking differently if I wanted to get better! I kept my anxiety under control, I started to eat much cleaner and focused on staying healthy. It really did help out a lot and after some time, my body started to respond well. I was relieved and happy to see that my symptoms were related to stress and not IBS. I still have a lot of growing to do from this experience but I feel like I’m on the right direction. With that being said, I wanted to dive in on why I started my 3 day cleanse……. Check out this post to read it.

Why I Started The Three Day Water Cleanse | Part 2

So, why did I start the three day water cleanse? Well to be honest, I had been working hard all quarantine to get back to feeling like myself. I felt like a cleanse would be the cherry on top to all my hard work. On top of that, my sister had suggested that I do some type of cleanse for faith purposes because she saw how much I was struggling with my anxiety. I also wanted to help reboot my body and start fresh. Believe me when I say that a 3 day water cleanse is NOT for the faint of heart.

Day 1: It was challenging to say the less but I was focused and ready to give this a try. I had a group of friends join me and it definitely helped not doing it a lone. I won’t lie, day one was no walk in the park but only the beginning of a long journey ahead. Believe me, three days might not seem like a long time but when you go three days without food, your mind starts to play tricks on you. Your will power is definitely tested.

Day 2: Now, before I started my cleanse, I did my research and from all the videos I had seen, they all said day 2 was always the hardest! They weren’t kidding…… I was ready to give up by 3p.m. I was in pain, my head was killing me and I was extremely exhausted. Just check out the video down below! I had to really search deep and remind myself that I had the power to see this through.

Day 3: I was happy that it was my last and final day but I was more proud of the fact that I stuck through the whole thing. I felt amazing, had a boost of energy and was focused. I don’t know how that was even possible but I felt brand new – crazy right?! It was by far the HARDEST thing I have ever done in my life. I was tested in so many ways: mentally, physically, and spiritually.

By the next morning I was ready to start my new journey. So, why did I do it ? What was my purposes?

  • Firstly, I wanted to focus my time on prayer during the three days. I’ve always wanted to do a cleanse to strengthen my faith and relationship with God. I had gone through so much with my anxiety during the pandemic and I felt spiritually that I needed to do it.
  • Secondly, I wanted to humble myself. I felt that it was important to remind myself that my current pain, is only temporary and there are a lot of other people going through much worse than me.
  • Lastly, I did it for health purposes. I wanted to give my body the reboot that it needed. I had read prior to my cleanse about the great benefits of doing one. My skin looked clearer, I was able to focus, and my body wasn’t craving sugars but only healthy greens. It was truly amazing and I would highly consider doing it once a year.

I found a new appreciation for body and what it’s able to do. This cleanse made me a stronger individual, mentally and psychically.

P.S If you are ever considering doing a cleanse, please do your research! Consult with your doctor prior to starting it. As always, I am here to answer any questions.



San Francisco Recap


I recently got back from my trip to San Francisco on Sunday and it was nice to spend quality time with my sister, Jessica. The last time we were both there together was probably when I was 16 years old. I was there trying out for American Idol….seems like a lifetime ago. I planned this trip because I’ve never really done anything like that with my sister and wanted to share a new experience with her.


We arrived on Friday afternoon and stayed at the cutest hotel right in the heart of Downtown San Francisco, The Palihotel. It definitely had that old rustic feel. The room itself was small yet adorable, and it had everything we needed for our two-day stay! The hotel even had its own restaurant with a lounging area for drinks and food – cocktail for two, please.

After we had unpacked, we got ready for dinner! I had made reservations at the yummiest place I could find on Yelp. I chose Italian because who doesn’t love carbs, especially on vacation! We ate at Che Fico located in a neighborhood with tons of bars, and restaurants. Definitely, a place you’d want to be nearby on a Friday night. The food at Che Fico was nothing less than fantastic. From the bread to the pizza, pasta and even the drinks were simply incredible. The ambiance, music and the service were excellent, as well. Needless to say, our dinner was a success. If you’re ever in SF, I highly recommend checking this place out.


On Saturday morning, we spend the majority of the time walking all over SF. We went to Mr. Holmes Bakehouse and shared a sweet and savory pie with a warm cup of joe to get the day started. Instead of Ubering everywhere, we decided to save our money and just walk to our next destination, Fishermans Warf. Along the way, We saw tons of photo opportunities and my sister was kind enough to take my photos – Thanks, sis!




On our way to Fishermans Warf, we came across the iconic Lombard Street and spend some time there as well. After an hour’s walk, we finally made it to our destination and we were READY to stuff our faces with fried shrimp, crab cakes, fries and much more. We ate at Pier Market and enjoyed the view of the ocean. Afterward lunch, we walked around for a bit more, took more photos (lol) and headed to our final landmark, The Golden State Bridge.




Saturday was a day full of adventure and lots of sightseeing. The Golden State Bridge was the perfect way to end our day.

Sunday (our last day) rolled around and we pretty much spent some time in the Downtown area. We grabbed some breakfast at a nearby French cafe before heading to our final landmark, The Painted Ladies aka The Full House House. It was my sister’s first time there so it was nice for her to see where her childhood show was filmed.

We wrapped it up and called our last Uber and headed to the airport. Although I love SF, there’s no place like HOME. Am I, right?


Our mini getaway to SF was the perfect getaway with my sister. You can definitely see lots of things in just two days. I hope this recap will help you when visiting San Francisco in the near future. Where to next?