Month: July 2016

Nasty Gal Ripped Skirt

Today, is a happy day, can you guess why? I can finally wear this cute ripped skirt from #nastygal. I bought this #rippedskirt eight months ago, and could not for the life of me, fit into it! First, my thighs were too big because of Crossfit. After I stopped working out and all the muscle went away, the skirt slowly but surely went past my thighs and said hello to my WAIST–I was halfway there (haha). I said to myself that I would eventually fit into it, but I didn’t know when. When I finally decided to join Nutrisystem and dropped #9 pounds, I was able to close all the buttons (lol). It certainly feels like a BIG accomplishment. This skirt is currently out of stock, but I will link it down below so whenever it comes back, you’ll be the first to know. Just make sure to click on that waitlist button. SMLXL SMLXL SMLXL SMLXL SMLXL SMLXL SMLXL SMLXL SMLXL SMLXL


Hello, and welcome back! If you follow me on Snapchat, then you already know that I’ve just started the Nutrisystem diet! Yes, the Nutrisystem diet and I’m excited to share this journey with you all. I heard of Nutrisystem through my best friend, Jessica. Just like any girl, she was struggling to lose weight, and she was selected to participate in an awesome journey with Nutrisystem. I can’t speak too much about it, so I’ll leave it at that. After seeing her progress in the last couple of months, I was inspired by her results. Now, for starters, I do want to say that the reason I started this program wasn’t that I was unhappy or hated myself, but because I wanted to become a healthier me.  Just like any diet, it’s never easy to wake up one day and dive right into it. But I believe with a great attitude and the strengthen to keep pushing, anyone can do it! Consult your doctor to see what plan might work for you. My decision to …